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Quality Quantity & Amass

How to pick the best advertisement for your business in 3 easy steps

When looking for the best way to advertise your business, you should use the Quality Quantity Amass effect. We believe this method has been used over and over throughout history to gain the best outcome for a business. Examples of the Q.Q.A effect being utilized includes millions of people watching Budweiser commercials numerously during the Super bowl and even hearing the same jingles on the radio redundantly. The Q.Q.A effects is multiple showings of a quality advertisement attracting as many people as possible. Now instead of paying millions to get an advertising space during the Super Bowl or world premiere, you can get a major audience for a fraction of the cost with The Trucking Advertising Network.

Step 1: Quality

The first step is essentially on the owner, recognizing the vision or message they want to convey. The business owner knows his/her business and what it can offer better than anyone. You can ask yourself a few questions to assist your vision. Questions like: why do people buy from your business, why do they come to you and not the competition? Define a clear and simple message. Whether you have the best tasting food or quality customers service. Find your message and The Trucking Advertising Network will get your vision seen!

Step 2: Quantity

This is where The Trucking Advertising Network shines. The more times your customers see your advertisement, the more likely they are to buy it. Imagine in one simple 30 min drive to work your future customers see your ad 12 times or 24 times including their drive home? In a week there will be a possible 120 times your advertisement can be seen by potential consumers! The odds of them buying your product or walking in to your establishment will drastically increase! Where else will you get that kind of quantity beside the Trucking advertising network? When choosing your advertisers, you want your customers to see your ad as much as possible. Quantity is particularly important when advertising lack of repetition can make your ad ineffective. The Trucking Advertising Network is taking over the outdoor advertisement industry due to how highly effective we are.

Step 3: Amass

If you can get every person in the country to see your advertisement, your business will most likely be successful. The more people that see your ad, the more your product will sell. It’s that simple. But where or how can you gather a mass audience like that? The Trucking Advertising Network uses the Q.Q.A effect, we put Digital billboards on trucks. Considering the size of a truck your advertisement will be difficult to miss. Trucks are in every city/town in this country. They bring nearly everything you need to survive like food, clothing and even building material to make homes. Which means nearly every person in this country has seen a truck and now they will be seeing your ads. That is approximately 328 million people who can potentially see your advertisement. Your ad will almost certainly reach your Target market plus more. 

The Trucking Advertising Network embodies the Quality, Quantity and Amass effect. This will be the best advertisement option for your business. If you have any questions and would like to learn more please click here.

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